From the Principal's Desk


The Guru Nanak College of Arts, Science & Commerce completed 28 years in July 2017. Established in July 1989 under the banner of Guru Nanak Vidyak Society, the college is committed to impart ‘’education to all’’ sections of society irrespective of caste, religion or social status.

Though a linguistic minority institution, the college boasts of a multi-cultural and multi-linguistic profile of students, teaching and non-teaching staff. More notably, students hail from poorer sections of the society and there are many cases in which the students constitute the first generation learners. Access to higher education is crucial to the success of the collective future of societies.  It is indeed a service to society and is also in conformity with the teachings of the Sikh religion. We at the college aim to maximize efficiency and achieve appreciable levels of excellence in the field of higher education. The vision of the college is to include every potential student in the higher educational process along with promoting excellence. Thus, the college envisions a golden blend of social inclusion and academic excellence.

The college has grown over the years due to valuable contributions made by students, alumni, teachers, management and other stake holders of the society. We at the college seek to equip the students with the rights skills and abilities, give space to them, encourage independent thinking (which Jawaharlal Nehru called as "scientific temper"), and prepare them not only to face the challenges arising in the world of work and employment but also to be "responsible and responsive citizens" of the country and "good human beings" of the society. We firmly believe that education is not about examination performance but cultivating good habits and strengthening value systems. Given the dramatic rate of change in the present century, we understand the need for creating a competent human resource that is skilled to adapt and to innovate. We seek to create the right environment for achieving this.

We have highly qualified teachers who apart from discharging regular and special teaching and other assignments undertake research and involve themselves in social and other creative exercises. The college boasts of infrastructure that is uncommon for a college which is situated in the heart of a space-constrained crowded city such as Mumbai. Accessibility to management and the administration is a special feature of the college that creates a spirit of comradeship.

The college is firmly on the growth path but there are dreams to be realized and goals to be achieved. Quality is a never ending process and the bounds of knowledge are endless. Both inspire us to aspire for more and work towards achieving them. I hope the college which has begun to make an impact already will mark its presence in the educational map of Mumbai city and contribute towards the construction of future of generations of India.

Dr. Vijay V. Dabholkar